Hua Hin

  1. Hua Hin is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand. Once a quiet fishing village, it grew into a fashionable escape for residents of Bangkok after the 1920s, when the Thai royal family built summer palaces here. Hua Hin Beach, popular for kitesurfing and other water sports, is the main stretch of sand, lined with high-end hotels and seafood shacks.

Land of a Hundred Peaks: Sam Roi Yot

Mile after mile of vast, empty beaches speck Thailand’s southern isthmus.  And what few tourists realise is that you don’t have to go much further than the popular beach resort town of Hua Hin to find them. prettiest example going: Sam Roi Yot, a little district just 36km south of Hua Hin that hordes some of the most pristine, ecologically significant shoreline in the Kingdom – namely, Sam Roi Yot Marine National Park.
The mangrove swamps, marshland and pristine beaches of this 90km reserve are a haven for everything from goatantelopes to spotted eagles, but what really defines Sam Roi Yot are its three hundred limestone peaks that ripple and soar above them. Driving south from Hua Hin, one first spots these lush, jagged peaks on reaching the road that runs alongside Sam Roi Yot Beach, a windswept bay on the northern fringes of the park.
Lined with resorts (see Accommodation)  and  a  row  of  swaying pine trees, it’s not great for swimming – the waters are stubbornly shallow – but perfect for long walks with not a soul in sight bar the odd jittery hermit crab. At low-tide, you can stroll amid wooden fishing boats, marooned on the long, flat sands.  And just offshore, rising like green leviathans from the big blue, sit some outlying islands that are worth exploring via local fishing boat or sea kayak.
The smaller Koh Nom Sao is a breast-shaped atoll that has inspired a wacky, bra-themed resort, the Brasserie, on the mainland opposite. and the larger Koh Lam home to strange coral formations and a long-tailed macaque colony that have learnt, over the years, to tug your heart strings… the bigger ones paddle into the water, to beg for bananas, while the little ones yelp feebly onshore. If you’re lucky you might arrive just in time to see fisherman haul in their nets tangled with pla too mackerel).
Though you could happily just explore the park’s pretty fringes in this manner, and plenty do, Sam Roi Yot needs to be seen from within to be truly appreciated. The various hiking trails that criss-cross the park lead to the summit of many of the limestone monoliths, the highest of which, at 605 metres, is the Khao  daeng viewpoint. Up here,  prachuab is a topographical wonder; a mesmerising patchwork of fields, shrimp farms and epic coastline.
Other trails lead to caves, like Tham Kaew, a pitch-black netherworld of translucent stalactite formations entered via a ladder, and Tham phraya nakhon, the most visited spot in the park. a good 20 minute huff and puff up a steep mountain trail reveals why.  Inside this gaping cave, sunlight beams through a natural sinkhole onto an ornate sala (pavilion) built for King Rama back in 1896. The best time to snap it is mid-morning and the best way to reach it via Hat Laem Sala, a pristine casuarina-lined beach where you can camp, picnic or rent a bungalow.
Sam Roi Yot also affords options for viewing up-close the wildlife that lives on its mountains and the wetlands between them, whether it be by taking a boat ride along one of the park’s canals, walking a wooden boardwalk through the mangrove forest, or being pushed deep out into the picturesque freshwater marshes carpeted with Lotus flowers by a local and his trusty punt. Ornithologists are especially spoilt, with around 300 species of migratory and local birds ducking, darting and diving here.

Santorini Park Cha-Am

Santorini Park brings a slice of the picture-perfect Greek island to Cha-Am. It’s got all the details right, from classic whitewashed buildings, colourfully painted windows, down to stone-paved paths and domed towers. An impressive lineup of shops, restaurants and an amusement park promise good times for everyone. This photogenic outdoor entertainment outlet occupies an expansive area just before the main highway reaches Cha-Am Beach. It’s quite an unusual sight, given the whitewash theme and architectural style that sets it apart from its surroundings. Cliff-top views of the ocean and a sweeping beachfront are the two missing elements that would otherwise make this place closer to the real thing.

Highlights at Santorini Park
The five zones at Santorini Park provide all-encompassing entertainment. Park Zone is essentially the amusement park part, with rides and games set on vast landscaped grounds. All rides are imported, including the 40-metre-high Ferris wheel, double-decker carousel, G-MAX reverse bungee, G-MAX giant swing, XD Dark Ride 7D interactive game and Asia’s first Wallholla climbing structure.

Village Zone is all about the Greek island’s village architecture and its chilled-out coastal vibe. Wander down the maze of stone-paved lanes lined with two-storey whitewashed buildings and more than 140 shoppingboutiques. Rest Area is where you will find a host of fast food outlets, caf├ęs, personal care salons, a petrol station, convenience stores and more souvenir shops.

Santorini Park: Art and Culture
Apart from shopping and entertainment, Santorini Park features an Activities Zone, a 3,000sqm outdoor space for hosting live concerts and performances. The Weekend Art Market features a flea-market styleshopping experience. Find a wide selection of creative souvenirs and handicrafts to take home.

The Venezia 
 The inspiration of this magnificent project came from the charming of the world famous river city named 'Venice, Italy'. Venice is known as a city that massively uses water transportation by using the canal as a traffic channel through out the city. In addition, the Venice has also preserved traditional stores with beautiful sculpture surrounding of the canal area. These charming can be compared to one of the most charming in Thailand, Hua Hin.
Hua Hin is the major tourist destination and long time famous city in Thailand. As of the fact that Hua Hin is currently regarded as the prime tourism potential in terms of rapidly and steadily growing in the business and numbers of both Thai and foreign tourists. As the distance between Hua Hin and Bangkok, it is very convenient to travel as same day trip between Bangkok and Hua Hin; It takes less than two hours by car. Hua Hin, the city of relaxing place for living and visiting supported by surrounding many major attractions. Of course, huge buying power of over 65 million people across the country and oversea visitors.

Plearn Wan is located opposite from the royal residence of Klaikangwon (Royal Palace, Hua Hin). Plearnwan is designed to resemble Eco vintage village. Plearnwan contains many shops that were built with wood in order to reflect the atmosphere in 1956 to get the feeling of the Thais lifestyle in the past.
Visitors can find old Thai snacks stalls, restaurant, boutique hotel, movie theatre, music shop, cloths shop, photo shooting studio, toys store, and massage shop. As well as, many corners decorated for tourists to take a photo.

  • Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is home to the award-winning Monsoon Valley label and a range of labels marketed as ‘new latitude wines’. Hugged by mountain ranges and endless expanse of greenery, the vineyard offers a delightful excursion, complete with wine-tasting and dining opportunities.

    Covering an expansive 560 acres of verdant countryside, Hua Hin Hills is tucked away in a remote part of Hua Hin, about 36km from the town centre. It’s best to charter a song-taew and plan to spend at least half a day at the vineyard. You can combine the trip with a visit to Wat Huay Mongkol and Baan Silapin, both are en-route to Hua Hin Hills.

Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

The main attraction at Hua Hin Hills is of course the vineyard itself, but the exciting part is you can try touring the vineyard on elephant back or bicycle. The paved bicycle trail runs for 3km and caters to leisure cyclists, while the red-marked trail (1km) goes through rougher, steeper terrains and is designed for more seasoned riders.

For more creative minds, the paint your own wine label activity gives you a rare opportunity to create a personalised bottle. If you come in a group, a game of petanque, while sipping wine, might be a good idea.