Wang Nam Khiao

The so-called Switzerland of Isan, together with its widely known motto “Cool-climate town, abound with mountain ranges, plenty waterfalls, several fruit orchards, vast paradise of fog” cannot be anywhere else but Wang Nam Khiao district in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The town seems to have a magnetic power that drives people to experience its miraculously beautiful nature. From Bangkok, drive along the Motorway until you find the exit gateway in Cha Choeng Sao. Then head to Kabin Buri to enter the state highway No. 304. After that, drive uphill to Wang Nam Khiao district. Above all, to find the accommodation, it is recommended to stay around the base of Khao Phaengma hill which has a comfortable temperature of foresty breeze.
The first day of the trip begins at Wang Nam Khiao. You should start off from Suchada Garden on the Route 3052 to admire foreign Anthurium flowers available all year round and in various colours, such as red, pink, white and light green. Moreover, there are vineyards for seedless grapes that you can buy some for souvenirs. Next, it is time to visit Lam Phra Phloeng Reservoir which is embraced by lofty hills. From here, you can overlook spectacular mountain spans and spend your relaxing leisure time.
Day two, drive upwards the highway No. 304 for 4 more kilometers and make a u-turn to Thai Samakkee subdistrict. When you notice the Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO), turn left and keep going for 300 meters. Now make a right turn to enter Uncle Krai’s home-grown vegetable bed. The locals form a group called “organic agriculture support group at Wang Nam Khiao” to grow a large variety of salad leaves and lettuce. Vegetables from Uncle Krai’s garden are not only hygienic and fresh, but they are also qualified the standard set by major culinary factories and top hotels. Therefore you are certainly assured of the satisfied quality. Next, use the road that heads to Pha Keb Tawan and stop at Wang Nam Khiao cool-climate mushroom plantation. Here they grow several kinds of mushroom, namely shitake Chinese mushroom, Monkey's head mushroom, Ling Zhi mushroom, Yanagi Japanese mushroom, Bhutan Oyster mushroom and Sajor-caju mushroom. Visitors are allowed to see how organic mushrooms are grown. In addition, there are considerable mushroom products for souvenirs.
The last day of the trip is to visit Khao Yai National Park to explore all the attractions mentioned in the motto. Not only is the temperature comfortable in the rainy season. Fog is reported to be seen quiet often after the rain because Wang Nam Khiao is mainly occupied by mountains and is juxtapose to two national parks. Therefore, you can pay a visit to Wang Nam Khiao all year round to experience its charms and unique beauties in different seasons.